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Most Unique Experience in Sea World

One of the unique California experiences you can have at Sea World is fish therapy. This is something similar to a fish pedicure, or a fish spa, which is prohibited in many U.S. states, California is no exception. But it is allowed in the park, why, you will find out below!

Fish Therapy at Sea World, San Diego

So What Is This Unique Experience?

I'm sure you've heard of the little feeder fish that suck on a submerged part of your body and caress you. In nature, these fish feed by biting off plant and animal matter from hard surfaces such as rocks. So naturally they will start to stick to your hands and fingers if you submerge them under water.

Fish Therapy From Feeder-Fish, SeaWorld, CA

If you're patient enough and don't muddy the waters, you'll get these little guys flocking to you. The smell and warmth of your hands will attract them. Afterwards, you'll feel a gentle tingle along with what feels like lots of tiny kisses.

Unique Experience in SeaWorld, CA

Why Isn't This Considered a "Fish Pedicure" at Sea World?

First, and probably the most important thing is that the fish are well fed. Many experts say that these little fish eat your dead skin only because they are very hungry. Secondly, in the park they have a choice whether to swim to a cozy place or to your hand. In beauty salons, unfortunately, they do not have such a choice, so they attack your body parts following the herd instinct and hunger. Third, the size of these fish in the park is very small, so they cannot cause damage to your skin. The salons could use fish up to 5 inches long.

So, if you're looking for something unique yet soothing for yourself while visiting Sea World, then don't forget to try their very own fish therapy it's definitely worth checking out!